Capital Protection provides long and short-term security services. Our security officers are professionally trained experts who are well prepared to handle your security needs. Whether uniformed or in plainclothes, armed or unarmed, Capital Protection security officers are prepared to handle any situation.

Capital Protection currently operates in Southern California and will soon be expanding into Arizona. Our security officers are currently protecting corporate office buildings, residential gated communities, retail shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants/bars, wrecking yards, and many other places throughout Southern California.


Our highly trained, unarmed security officers proudly act as your first line of defense against criminals, upset customers, and trespassers. Often the presence of unarmed guards alone is all it takes to deter thieves and vandals. These officers do not carry weapons but do have distinctive training that enables them to swiftly resolve conflicts by utilizing a number of tactics.


Our skilled armed guards are able to handle a wide variety of situations while ensuring that the protection of your people and property are their number one priority. Armed guards let others know that safety and security is taken seriously on your premises. Our armed guards know exactly how to deal with a wide variety of threats, utilizing their specialized training and knowledge to act quickly and appropriately.


Our mobile patrol units will assist you in conserving the security of your gates, entrances, and other restricted areas. Our mobile patrol officers will lock and secure your property at specifically designated times of day. They are also able to unlock assets as needed for customers, employees and other visitors to your property. Our team also specializes in quick response, ensuring that you know what’s occurring on your property at all times.


Our talented team can provide your company with a risk analysis to best determine your risk, and needs. Once the risk has been determined, we are able to develop a risk mitigation strategy to suit the individual security needs of your company. As dependable business advisors we always see our clients challenges as our own, this is why we develop security plans that put the focus on employee and business protection as a whole.